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How Savvy Are You?

40 Somethings, Let's Be More Social!

By Sabon Tabor

A New Year's Resolution that all of us 40 somethings and over should commit to is to become more social media savvy in 2015! You can teach old dogs new tricks and I, for one, am going to lead the charge! I opened a Twitter account only after being shamed into it by a Gen Y or Z'er. To this day, I have never tweeted. I do not fully understand all of the hashtag this and hashtag that business, but I am going to make the commitment to try something new and figure it out. The reason why us "older" folks need to learn the new technologies is because OUR clients, prospects and co-workers are using different forms of social media to communicate and unless we want to be left out in the cold, we need to increase our repertoire of social media sites that we use. Most of us have embraced Facebook to some extent and realize the business related benefits of LinkedIn, but Gen Y & Z'ers are using Twitter as a means to do business. HELLO! I attended a seminar in late November and when a gentleman in the audience said that he was doing business on Twitter, I really knew I had to get with the program. So, as I face the end of 2014 and embrace the coming of the New Year and all things new, I will be checking out Twitter and sending my first tweet. This is my New Year's Resolution!

Get Social. Here's a list of several Social Media Sites. Which ones do you need to embrace in 2015?

pic of social media icons

Siobhan Tabor is the Sales Manager at Printing Images, Inc., and she's absolutely luminous. Whenever she's around, clients just have an uncontrollable urge to buy something. Yeah, we can't explain it either.

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