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Some Inspiring Ideas for 2015

By Nicole Pearlman

I can hardly believe it myself, 2015 is nearly upon us! What an awesome year of events 2014 has brought to us all. Hopefully you have some great memories to look back on, but there’s nothing like dreaming for the future! A great way to start the new year is with a handy dandy calendar, ready to fill up with important dates and keep those goals on track. Get a nice early start. After all, you really are going to keep that “stay truly organized” resolution this year, right?

Sure, we have so much technology nowadays there’s a calendar in everything, from your email client to your mobile device. Whether you’re the type to bust out the O-ring planner or ‘have an app for that’, nothing beats a quick reference printed calendar! In the work place at least, I’ve always found these to personally be a great tool. In the least they make for a great visual to bring some life to your work area, or act as great scenery for your daily day dreaming. At their best, you have a super quick overview of availability, due dates, and a concept of your precious time.

Printing Images always looks forward to this time of the year, when we like to hand out printed calendars to our clients. It’s the little things. So while brainstorming our next calendar for your enjoyment, I figured I’d share some of the coolest designs out there for calendars in the world of print. Let’s get inspired together, check these out!

Disclaimer: Images on this page are not owned by Printing Images and are featured solely for the purpose of design examples.

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Nicole Pearlman is the Marketing Manager at Printing Images, Inc. When she's not tweeting, liking, skyping, meeting, traveling, making balloon art, or teaching Zumba, you can bet she's somewhere doing something you *wish* you had time for.

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