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Embrace The Bizzare!

Add some adventure to your routine

By Clinton Richmond

I was checking out a travel agency the other day, and came across this slogan which I thought was kinda odd: "Embrace the bizzare" it said. That phrase is not something that I would immediately associate with travel necessarily unless I had too much to drink and things were getting out of hand. I had to inquire, and discovered that the agency has a diverse group of travel experts, each with an affinity for exploring the world, but vary vastly in how they approach that experience. The tours are referred to as "Travel Styles" because, as they put it "everyone loves to travel, but not everyone loves to travel the same way." And these guys and gals were taking this concept to a whole other level. Hence, 'embrace the bizarre.' or expect the unexpected. And I thought, wow. What if I were to take the same sense of adventure toward my job, my relationships, or my entire life — discovering new ways to experience the people I love and the work I do?

pic of salesperson with dogs
Spicing up her routine: Shout-out to Lina Tunick (right), with her son Josh and friends!

Yeah, well while I was *thinking* about it, I came across a colleague who had recently done something I would never have thought of. She's in sales and decided one day, after making a ton of cold- calls and getting nowhere, to go out and meet the people in person. Not only that, she decided to bring her son and a couple of furry friends wearing big signs that read "Ask her about our printing services." I thought to myself, "there's is something you don't see everyday" and it was just the cutest thing. She had completely transformed a mundane task like cold-calling into an adventure. I loved it. It was cute, it was original, and completely unexpected. She got my attention, and I couldn't stop smiling. Whether it will generate leads, I can't say, but that day (and since) she became a lot more interesting to me. I can't wait to see what she comes up with next.

I think that travel agency is onto something. Do something different, or in this case, do something differently. Add a little adventure to your routine. Life will become a lot more interesting when you "embrace the bizarre!"

Clinton Richmond works as a Desktop Tech/IT Assistant at Printing Images, Inc., and he never sleeps.

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