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By Nicole Pearlman

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  1. Printed Photo Book — You just can't replace the look and feel of a physical photo album. For something that is so personal to its core to begin with, it just can't be replaced digitally and have the same effect. Plus, who doesn't love grabbing up those old embarrassing photos from Grandmom's house and adding those to the mix.
  2. Unique Holiday Cards — There's something to be said for a handwritten card, and personally I feel it's the only way to truly grasp and accept the message. I'm not sure about you, but I could care less about an e-greeting or mass email. Take it to the next level and personally design the image on the card itself and you've stolen my heart.
  3. Personal Printed Cookbook — For the exquisite chef in the family, or perhaps the college bound nephew about to be lost in the world of cooking for oneself. Creating a cookbook of your favorite recipes and turning it into a printed piece for them to cherish will definitely rub them the right way, and keep their tummies full!
  4. Magazine Subscription — It still gives you the unmistakable feeling of joy to receive your favorite reads in the mail! Knowing you have that magazine or paper to grab on the go and enjoy on your daily commute almost helps to take the stress completely away from that dreaded train ride in — almost.

Nicole Pearlman is the Marketing Manager at Printing Images, Inc. When she's not tweeting, liking, skyping, meeting, traveling, making balloon art, or teaching Zumba, you can bet she's somewhere doing something you *wish* you had time for.

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